4 Delicious Protein Rich Snacks to You Should Add to your Diet

greek yoghurt is high in protein

Getting enough protein in your diet is important for all of us, whether you’re hitting the gym and want to make the most of your efforts or want a healthy snack to help you lose weight, high protein snacks can make this considerably easier. 

Until recently, high protein foods weren’t really available on the go, while it’s gotten better some of them can be fairly expensive. The treats listed below are a mix of affordable or homemade options that should make it easier for you to reach your protein goals.

Roasted Chickpeas

One of my personal favourites, chickpeas are ludicrously cheap (especially if you buy the dried ones) are packed with plenty of protein. When roasted they become almost like crisps. I typically roast them with a variety of spices, usually Indian although any style mix with work. Fancy a mexican style or middle-eastern style mix? Why not!

Jerky and Biltong

While definitely not a vegetarian friendly snack to be eaten as part of a low calorie diet, Jerky and Biltong are both made by trimming the fat, cutting into strips and drying good quality meats. 

Thanks to this, many jerky’s contain a large amount of protein, typically around 9g per 28g of weight. While they can be somewhat expensive they come in many different flavours and spices and are an absolutely delicious snack when you’re peckish.

Greek Yoghurt 

I love Greek yoghurt. Rich in protein and delightfully thick and creamy, it’s perfect for combining with a huge variety of other snacks like muesli, oats, or fresh fruit. While some yogurts you can buy are full of sugar, plain greek yogurt is low on sugar and has a wonderfully refreshing sweet and tangy flavour.

What’s more, you can make your own flavoured yoghurts by blending it with spices or fruits. Yum!

Protein Shakes and Bars

The obvious choice for your protein snacking is protein powders, bars, flapjacks etc. Specifically formulated to offer the ideal amount of protein to carbohydrates, protein powders are one of the most convenient and nutrient focused ways of making sure your body has enough of what it needs after visiting the gym. Protein powders from brands like Reflex Nutrition come in a wide variety of delicious flavours so there’s something for everyone.