5 Countries You Should Visit After the Coronavirus Lockdown

where to travel after coronavirus

The Coronavirus pandemic has certainly taken its toll on the whole world. Many of us are needing a break, and definitely need a change of scenery!

I plan to pack my bags and visit a foreign country as soon as the international airports are fully reopened. I have missed seeing new faces, experiencing a different culture, and tasting the local cuisines, so it has to be worth it.

If you have not selected your travel destination after the pandemic is over, here are some recommendations from Top10TravelAgents.com

The Greek Islands

You must have seen the amazing pictures posted by tourists who have visited any of the Greek Islands. Enjoy the beautiful Greek sunshine, where there are lots of amazing things to do. The Islands include Santorini, Akrotiri, and Mykonos, to name some of the more popular locations. You will love the environment, architecture, and the breath-taking views.


In Egypt, you will find storytellers who can keep you spellbound for hours. The country has a vast history and amazing culture. There are so many museums to explore, where you will find so many artefacts. If you enjoy sailing, you will have an opportunity to sail on the popular River Nile. In Egypt, you will make so many memories that will always put a smile on your face.


If you find peace in natural environments, Rwanda is a perfect tourist destination for you. The capital of Rwanda is Kigali; the country has preserved much of its natural habitat and saved many endangered species.

One of the popular tours in Rwanda is a visit to the Gorillas nest, where you can have a wonderful time watching the Gorillas in their natural habitat. There is also the Volcano National Park, and you should make time to take a ride through the many national parks on safari to be at one with nature.

The menu in Rwanda includes local and continental dishes. The residents are friendly, they will make you feel welcome, and communication will not be a problem because many people living in Rwanda speak English.


Grab the opportunity to explore Brazil. It is the largest country in South America. Brazil is also the home of the Amazon rainforest and over 2000 beaches. You will hardly be able to finish exploring Rio de Janeiro, because there is always so much to experience, according to USNews. There is always something going on in the country – it could be the carnival or even a samba party. The nightlife in Brazil will leave you pleasantly surprised.


Since the UK is well ahead in terms of vaccinating its residents, the UK may be a great place to go for a post-Covid getaway. London will always be the #1 destination – and for good reason, as it has so much to offer. With Euro 2020 games being hosted in London this summer, there will be a good atmosphere about the city. Even if you don’t have a ticket, you can watch the games in some of the local bars (http://www.dailyavenue.com/things-to-do/where-to-watch-euro-2020-in-london/).