Caffeine In Workouts Is a Good Thing

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your morning coffee on the way to work is limited to waking up and hoping it motivates you by the time the train arrives in the city, it has so much more to offer than that and you could be achieving more than you realized.

This doesn’t go to say that the fresh aroma of roasted beans being poured into a hot mug and topped with frothy, creamy, thick milk and foam shouldn’t be enjoyed as and when and forever (we could always use another cup of coffee am I right?), but you need to enjoy it to its full potential. So, what does this mean? It means you can have your cake and eat it too. Win-win.

Morning, gym session, coffee.

Why do we drink coffee? Is it the taste (yes, if made well), the habit of walking to the coffee machine or café down the road every morning, or is it the fad that has been instilled into us from a young age that morning equals coffee? There are a lot of varying opinions and facts on this and the debate could go on for hours, but today we will look at the advantages a humble cup of brew can add to your fitness regime. 

The main component in coffee as we know is caffeine, it is in simple terms a stimulant used to counteract the onset of adenosine in our bodies which is responsible for drowsiness and making us feel lethargic. Thus when adenosine is blocked on its receptors the caffeine can get to work. 

Now, when it is time to hit the gym it may be in the wee early hours of the morning before work when the sun is still thinking about waking up, and you and only a handful of people are in the fitness center. We may be tired from constantly waking up early but have a full schedule and so the only time to work out is at sunrise, hence the much-needed coffee pick me up. 

But it not only wakes us up and boosts our energy levels, it offers a great variety to our routine. 

Taking a pre-supplement before you train such as the ones found at can be used in combination with a good cup of coffee, both contain caffeine, and a pre-workout coffee shake sounds appealing enough to wake up without a fuss.

You can get creative with your flavors and products, but adding the cocoa bean to a pre-workout supplement powder has proven successful and is increasing in popularity daily. And it tastes great which is a welcomed bonus as so many of the products on the market prioritize effect over taste, this way you get the best of both worlds.

When to work out.

People often prefer working out in the morning then the ‘task’ is done for the day and they can get on with things, others opt for an after-work or late-at-night session when the gym is quieter and they don’t have the stress of being late for work hanging over their heads. But is one better than the other?

There are certain benefits to each and determining what works for you, your schedule, and preferences will help decide which is the most effective.

  • Morning. The majority of science and biology facts recommend an early morning training session, it not only improves the physiology aspect and increases mental building blocks, but has significant results in work performance. 
  • Afternoon. A midday sweat session is a good second option studies have shown, you will more than likely have eaten a meal or snack by then and this raises your blood sugar levels, and that sugar needs to be burnt off. It is also a good choice if that day’s muscle group is a larger one and the workout is on the longer side. 
  • Evening. Statistics state that people would prefer to work out after a long day to get rid of any frustrations, if you have a workout buddy you can discuss what needs to be done or has been completed during work while training. But does this mean you will be hyped up and unable to fall asleep, thankfully, no. They say if you have a hot shower after training and head straight to bed while you are warm your muscles are supple and relaxed making it easy to hit dreamland.

Irrespective of when you work out, (read more about it in this link if you are still on the fence) the main objective is that you do, team that with a pre-workout supplement to help feed and build your body and you have a winning combination.

A final thought.

Supplements, in general, have been used in fitness and health for decades if not longer, only now we have the technology and medical advances to edit and tweak them to get increased efficacy in a shorter time. They work with the genetic makeup of the body cells and increase performance when we need it the most, you have improved endurance to train harder for longer, and the cells rejuvenate and repair quicker so you can get back to it by the next day or two.

We are always looking for ways to stay active and fit and sometimes we need help other times we manage on our own, the main objective is to be healthy.