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Are Low Calorie Diets Safe or Healthy?

Maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight should be about eating a well-balanced diet and cutting out unhealthy foods. For those who want to lose weight, they will notice that through doing this, they will lose weight slowly and that can mean that they will keep the weight off for good.  The science behind calories […]

Fitness Health

Achieving 2% Body Fat

Shedding total body fat is the goal of every bodybuilder getting ready for a competition. The challenge is maintaining muscle size while at the same time stripping the body of all its body fat, without sacrificing hard earned muscle size. After years of following bodybuilding, I found that the most common belief is that body […]


How Corona Virus Will Change the World

It came in such a rush, and we barely had enough time to prepare for the disaster to be caused by the Coronavirus. Our fingers remain crossed while we desperately await good news about a vaccine that will save lives all around the world. The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed thousands of lives, according to WHO. […]