Online Time Clock Software is No Longer a Luxury – It’s a Necessity

People survived for years with manual time clocks, punching in and out each day. With the proliferation of computers, many people began recording time on spreadsheets or through other digital means. However, in actuality, they were still recording their time manually. They were simply manually punching in and out on a spreadsheet. In order to […]

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4 Delicious Protein Rich Snacks to You Should Add to your Diet

Getting enough protein in your diet is important for all of us, whether you’re hitting the gym and want to make the most of your efforts or want a healthy snack to help you lose weight, high protein snacks can make this considerably easier.  Until recently, high protein foods weren’t really available on the go, […]

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Are Low Calorie Diets Safe or Healthy?

Maintaining a healthy weight or losing weight should be about eating a well-balanced diet and cutting out unhealthy foods. For those who want to lose weight, they will notice that through doing this, they will lose weight slowly and that can mean that they will keep the weight off for good.  The science behind calories […]


Why You Should Try Diving in 2021

With 2020 already something of a write off, now is the best time possible to get started on the journey of making 2021 your best year yet. How’re you going to do that? A new hobby. And that new hobby should be….(drum roll!)…Diving!  Diving takes on many forms and one of the best things about […]


3 Software Options to Keep Your Field Engineers Connected

For a lot of businesses working in the service sector, such as those offering telecommunications services or heating and plumbing installation, there is a strong reliance on keeping their field engineers connected to the business throughout their day-to-day operation. This is particularly important as it helps to streamline the activity of the engineer, and offer […]