Using Kik to Stay in Touch with Your Social Connections

kik on a smartphone

2020 is an odd time, especially now that everyone is advised or required to stay inside, people are becoming more and more isolated from the rest of the world. Fortunately, we have the internet. Social media outlets, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, offer a way to connect with people, to share the things you enjoy, and to read uplifting news articles from all around the globe. However, these platforms rarely offer a direct, one-on-one conversation with someone else. Kik (, on the other hand, is an ideal platform for your smartphone, as it allows both acquainted people and complete strangers to interact directly with one another. Here is how Kik can help you stay in touch with your social connections.

Real-time Conversations

The premise of Kik is that people have one-on-one conversations, unlike many social media platforms that strive to spread messages across as many screens as possible without meaningful interaction. So, when you chat with someone through Kik, they are more likely to respond to notifications than when you try to talk to someone through another platform. That doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen, it just happens less often.

Kik offers real-time conversations, meaning that your messages won’t be delayed, and the other person has the direct opportunity to reply.

Emotional Outlet

Sometimes, life can get too much. Especially when you feel isolated inside your home, unsure of what the future will bring. Kik offers a great outlet, allowing you to talk with people you know, but also complete strangers who feel the same way as you do. You can find them in specific groups which you can join. By sharing experiences and venting about your feelings, you will find yourself receiving support, which helps to lift your mood and stay hopeful.

Meeting New People

When you’re always in the same home with the same people, you may get bored quickly. With the “find a stranger” option on Kik, however, you can talk to a complete stranger from anywhere in the world. You can share joint interests, or just have a brief conversation after which you move on. Perhaps you even find a lifelong friend!

Besides the “find a stranger” option, you can also add new Kik usernames to your list with the help of the search bar.

Sharing Photos and Videos

While you would typically hang out with your friends and make fun content together, you can still have fun from your respective locations through Kik. All you need to do is share some funny memes you found, or film yourself doing something crazy and share it with your friend group. That way, you can laugh and have fun as if nothing has changed.

So, while the situation might not be ideal at the moment, there is no need to lose touch with the social world when you have a messaging application at your disposal 24/7. Keep in touch with friends, make new friends, and talk with like-minded people, and you’ll find that being at home doesn’t have to be lonely after all.