Why SEO is Still the Best Bet for Web Traffic

As the market continues to shift to relying on web services, the competition is fierce for traffic. Everyone wants to know the magic formula to generate traffic aside from throwing piles of cash at the tech giants. Traffic is everything, and there is one truth that everyone understands. If your company isn’t landing high on the search engine results page (SERP), you will not see much high-value traffic visiting your site. SEO is part of the magic formula. It is an ever-changing system of guidelines and techniques intended to make search engines like you more. And not just like you, but like you for the specific thing that you are trying to get the world to see. Here are a few reasons why SEO is still the best way forward.

  • Google Runs the Game: As much as people like to be independent and go their own way. And despite there being many excellent search engines that are more liberated than Google, they still are the source of 75% of search engine traffic. So, if you are looking to generate organic high-value traffic to your site, it is challenging to ignore 75% of the world. A good search engine optimisation strategy must prioritise Google’s preferences and algorithms. Top-level SEO agencies like King Kong in Sydney, Understand the importance that Google plays in the global marketplace. And they optimise their client’s sites with the most recent intelligence.
  • Maximizing the Elements: When web crawlers index a site, they gather many kinds of information about it. This information is stored, and then algorithms are used to place the site on the SERP. The placement will be a reflection of what the algorithms liked or didn’t like about the site. The things considered are keywords, navigation, load times, image types, links, and traffic. Among other things. But here’s the kicker, the way these factors are weighed can change from day to day. Some of the popular techniques of the past can now be seen as unfavourable or even black hat. Something that you think is helping you might be causing you to be penalised instead of generating traffic.
  • SEO is Marketing: The world used to be a little easier to understand. If you wanted to advertise, you would pick a medium, and you would buy some space. You might even hire an agency and have a whole campaign. The Business world has known the power of advertising for a long time. But the old ways are just not as effective as they once were. All the eyes are on the little screens now. If you want to get your message out, you need to advertise. But if no one can find you. You have little chance to promote your business or product.

SEO is still the most logical strategy to generate new high-value traffic to your site. There are other ways you might get lucky with a viral video or impress an influencer. Or you can pay for your high-level search results. But SEO is so much more cost-effective and integral to how people function on the web. Things will continue to change, and a good SEO strategy will always be to keep up with the changes.